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Femme Art Review #3


Femme Art Review is a publication that provides space for women and LGBTQ2S+ voices to reflect on art and culture. The third print issue of Femme Art Review’s theme is Censorship. The editorial explores topics such as digital censorship and shadow-banning, self-censorship, the Hay’s Code method of film censorship, and censorship during the ‘Woman, Life, Freedom’ movement in Iran.


Adi Berardini
Alex Chappell
Christianne Ritter
Danielle St-Armour
Jasmine Kanter
Moira Hayes


Adi Berardini
Taylor Neal
Morgan Sears-Williams
Maddie Alexander
Dani Neira
Laveen Gammie
Chimera Mohammadi
Moira Hayes
Freyja T. Catton
Kiran Dhaliwal
Adi Berardini
Madeleine Bogoch