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Like A Moth To Light

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By Tara Bursey

From the Author:

“When I was 20-21, I basically lost two years of my life to the psychic void and physical chaos of Anorexia. It was a nightmare, sure, but I can’t help admit that the isolation I imposed on myself (friends and family got in the way of things I ‘needed’ to do like measure food and read entire cookbooks for the fun of it) led to a period of heightened awareness. In a lot of ways, the person I eventually became was shaped my this experience. This period was also when I started making art every day, and this was the driving force in my recovery.

“I always said to myself ‘some day I’ll get to the point where I’ll make a zine or comic about what I went through.’ Like A Moth To Light isn’t the epic project I originally envisioned—I knocked it off in a couple of days. The funny thing is, as I started to write, the zine became way less about Anorexia and way more about a topic so overdone in the zine world it has become a brutal cliché: how the city can become your friend when you’ve lost most of your human ones.”

24 pages, half-size, photocopy on coloured paper